Packers misfortune

Aaron Rodgers preached patience after the Vikings' 23-7 win in Minnesota.

LaFleur gave a disheartening evaluation of his presentation as a play-guest in one game

LaFleur also threw a few logs on his fire when it came to the offensive division.

The Packers came out passive and unwilling to test the Vikings' secondary deep more than a few times early

The Packers drove the Bears 24-17 with simply over 1:00 left in the game.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the players who should play for the Packers to come to the Super Bowl this year due to being out this season.

A few missed chances in the red zone proved costly as they came up short against the Seahawks by a score of 26-24

aron Rodgers cost his series of wins without precedent for years.

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