Michael Jackson used 19 fake IDs to score drugs

Michael Jackson used 19 fake IDs to score drugs: new doc revelations on birthday

“He was able to push the propofol himself, and the doctors allowed him to do it, and that was OK

Michael Jackson had been struggling with drugs since early in his career

All that time on the road was misery for the star act. In archived footage, Jackson confesses: “I don’t like it … I go through hell touring.”

Michael Jackson is more dependent on the painkillers

Michael Jackson was once married to Debbie Rowe. 

She worked for dermatologist Klein as an assistant.

Michael Jackson’s death shocked the music world in 2009.

Dr. Conrad Murray shares details on Michael Jackson’s death and the artist’s addictive pattern of behavior

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“There are a lot of folks to blame who have never had a reckoning for his death.”

Michael Jackson had been battling drug addictions throughout much of his adult life. That led to his untimely death, a new documentary claims.

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